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The world is in the process of change and transformation bringing with it an opportunity to re-invent yourself.


IMG will give you the tools you need to stop getting in your own way. To stop letting fear or procrastination or the lure of bad habits control you. To take back control and start living the life that you’ve always wanted, but that’s been just out of reach.

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The program focuses on your connection to your spiritual source. Living a life of purpose, discovering your vision and designing goals that are aligned with you soul, all of which brings about fulfilment in life and a sense of meaning.

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This is a very exclusive and premium service that is designed to get maximum best of our the client & the session involves going through the client’s belief systems, values, goals, purpose and vision for alignment and following this up with weekly exercise.

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Certified Life
and Author

Dingaan Rahlapane is a certified Life Coach and Strategist by profession. Mentored by the best in the game in the motivational speaking and coaching business, Les Brown, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. He has been practising as a life coach for the past three years and has incredible record of accomplishment with his clients experiencing and living lives of their dreams.
He offers life-transforming training to students in the field of personal development through the Success Mindset Training course of three weeks. The aim of these sessions is to help clients seeking prosperity and success to regain a sense of focus and direction whilst obtaining the ability to control and direct their minds through proven tools and techniques. Success Mindset is not only about motivation but also discipline and practice for achieving breakthrough success and unleashing your inner potential and power through tools and techniques he has mastered over the years of serving clients. Dingaan vigorously seeks to help people create lasting change in their lives.
He further ventures into the Ultimate Destiny course for those individuals yearning for a deeper understanding and meaning to life. These sessions help to create a sense of purpose in ones life by clarifying your visions and goals. He is also extends his hand to those seeking a mentor as a helping hand towards a new transformation and life experience by being their personal life coach.


Other things we’re great at

As part of creating more awareness on the consciousness of the people there are books that have been written with the ultimate aim of connecting with those who may not be able to attend any of the sessions or those who need comprehensive documented knowledge in the files of personal development.


This are corporate and private public speaking engagements and motivation that are aimed at inspiring and transforming mindsets and boosting emotional intelligence. The talks are done for small medium enterprises, large organisations and also at events.


The first self help book, Reset your Mindset for Success is based on the meaning of life together with discussions on personal power. It has tools and techniques to increase mindset fitness and emotional mastery.

Reset Your Mindset for Success.

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There are obviously a countless number of books in the market and each serving a specific purpose to its reader. The purpose is penetrated through the readers’ interests in either comic, religion, fiction, leadership, financial, psychological, self-help etc. This book in particular, is a self-help book aimed at helping unleash the potential latent within you. As a Life Coach, I am always excited when I witness people realising their potential power. However, it also pains just as much to see that there are so many people going through life with so much lack. It is as though the world has run out of resources for their supply. It is my greatest desire that once you have gone through the entire book, the person who started paging through the first chapter and the one to close the last page will not be the same. 

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Join us at a life-changing launch of my book

Join me at the launch of my book “Reset Your Mindset for Success”Join me at the launch of my book “Reset Your Mindset for Success”


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

As a current client of Rahlapane Research International, Mr Dingaan Rahlapane is absolutely the best trainer/coach I have ever worked with. Whether you are bulking up or slowing down, trying to improve your life , Mr Rahlapane has the backround and the commitment to help you succeed.

Thato Given Phiri

Company name

The life Coaching classes has changed the whole perception of my life, your teaching has developed me personally, mentally and other areas of my life.
You have developed me to face life with confidence and my faith system is unstoppable. 

Itumeleng mothibi

Football Fitness Factory Development (FFFD)

I attended many sessions with Dingaan at the beginning of this year and the sessions helped to shape the trajectory for my year. The sisions that I had helped transform my mindset from a state of anxiety and to be able to achieve my goals. 

Asiphe Majova

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